Ring Queen Part ONE – Let’s Call it the Introduction

Custom made Grape Juicy spaceship

My obsession with rings is stupid.  I love them big and gaudy, I love them over gloves, I love 10 at a time, I love brass knuckles.  I go to bed and put my “Sleep Ring” on.  It’s a simple gold ring that I feel naked without.  I love them so much that I put a ring on to sleep in order to ‘feel’ normal and ready for bed? Well yes…

I see rings as the introduction into who someone is.  When you shake my hand to sign the deal, observe what kind of tip I leave to the server, when you watch my rings bobbin’ while my fingers type away my thoughts at super speed…Those rings are telling you who I am, want, and wish to be.

For the women who posses rings that Trump Tower on my skinny ten’s – I invite you to post an abundance of them – I want to see any and all of those rocks and wire parading on your knuckles.

Ring Queens United. Let’s tell our story’s through adorned hands…


About GetGrapeJuicy

I get glitter injections straight into my veins. www.twitter.com/annieangell
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One Response to Ring Queen Part ONE – Let’s Call it the Introduction

  1. Colton Lee says:

    “Looks like a three ring circus in here!”

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