I have been Annie Angell forever…

So I produce fashion shows and events or whatever, Wardrobe styling is my iiish, I love art, music, DIY anything, tricking out my nails, and can’t forget the custom shades and shoes…

GrapeJuicy is simply creative marketing – It is a lifestyle built upon a name that meant nothing until recently. GrapeJuicy is what I have always done, creation is in my blood.  This post is to shed light on the fact that there are very creative people who do not see their work as a business, and it can and should be.

This is also a personal announcement that I am just pretty much sick of hearing that anything ‘creative’ or ‘weird’ in regard to fashion is “soooo Lady GaGa.” I’ve rocked spiked eyepatches and face masks on the regular since before GaGa was on your radar, robot…

She is dope but not the creator of all that is creative…let’s move on…

So, speaking of robots – my mind runs on robot speed and questions what you say more frequently than Curious George.  If Curious George ‘lived’ in my room in the year 2010 without dude with the big yellow hat and was able to keep up on what was really good instead of asking ‘random’ questions – he would be Warren the Ape.

To make a long story just kinda long, and to tie up loose ends, I would like to mention once again that I am not ‘in it to win it’ – I am in it because it is all I know and all I love to do.  I would like to share with you what appears to come out of nowhere was in fact organically composed from the time I was born.  I started doing what I am doing for myself, robots responded, I began creating things for them, their friends rocked with it, and after asking 8 billion “why’s” and playing my Curious George role, here we are…

Now to shed the light on what ‘in it to win it’ really means and where it was all brought into existence…It is mega fun like a kid would enjoy, but it is real life and having love for it, it is GrapeJuicy.

Kitchen Fashion shows at 9yrs

Claws needed steez at 4yrs

Eat Fruit, Hair did, Dress Bangerang - Bossy mainframe more than an age thing

Loving and slanging shades since I was wearing a toddler jumpsuit - Mind same - Bossy game Big Frames 😉

#getgrapejuicy and win at what you do.


About GetGrapeJuicy

I get glitter injections straight into my veins. www.twitter.com/annieangell
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One Response to I have been Annie Angell forever…

  1. treal spit! and i so love the documentation from the baby stages 🙂

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