A Day in the Life of Annie Angell

Toy Car isle….

Ferrari Spaceships

Paint some guns… [watch out for the final product, they will be epic as always]

Bang Bang

Kick it with Bumblebee..

Transformer Krylon Warriors

Hit the Dew Tour to check out the boys…

Dew It
Dew It, My World

Check out Scraps Slaps and LMC getting tatted [forearm tats united]…

Scraps on the slap

She wrote my anthem for LIFE this week FYI

Put some work in…

Hi, my name is Annie Angell, and I’m a workaholic

Pick out some gems…

The “Fawk You” or “Lil Hommies”?

And ride out with the Grape Juicy Robots.  We’re on a mission to kill these streets….


I’ll see you tonight my love…

Grape Juicy at night is Real Robotic 😉


About GetGrapeJuicy

I get glitter injections straight into my veins. www.twitter.com/annieangell
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One Response to A Day in the Life of Annie Angell

  1. Hey Annie,
    I have been trying to get in touch with you since we met at couture. I really like your blog and what you have accomplish in your community. I have the same passion for art and design. Like you i’m also an alumni of the Art institute. As you know i’m from Arizona. I had been part of Arizona community from entertainments, events and others. I just move in Portland just 4 months ago for some personal reason. I’m hope to connect with more people like you. I also have a website that will help you view my clients(www.behance.net/patriceabrogoua) and see if you are interested on have me helping you with any type of design.If you have any question i can be reached at 480 721-5895 or by my email at patabrogoua@gmail.com

    Patrice Abrogoua

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