A Day In the Life of Annie Angell, Part Deux

So after grinding indoors the past few days I realized that I needed to make some changes.  So LMC, Scraps Slaps, and some other robots and I loaded up the coolers, grabbed the boombox and headed to a wonderful little area that we will refer to as Juicy Isle…

Through the robot's eyes, we embark...

The Grape Juicy Robots do going to the river right

@itsLMC, Robot1 and Robot2 watch the cliffjumpers - Peep dude in the bushes, that is what we call a #1 CreepStar

Clay thought I needed his glasses, so here they are

Jeff Get's it iin real Cray Cray like

They we stumble upon this gentleman pouuring Grape 4Loko into his mouth. We informed him he was "Getting Grape Juicy" at the moment

Welcome to Juicy Isle...


About GetGrapeJuicy

I get glitter injections straight into my veins. www.twitter.com/annieangell
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