Another day in the life of a robot…

The past week has been a lot of work, a lot of wanting to be in the sun, and of course a whole lot of #robotlove.

Start the day out with a…

To do list or die

Clean up from the night before…

Dealer Wins

Twerk some ish…

Work Work Work

Finish up some custom Grape Juicy’s…


After - Ahh, I wanted to keep these

Listen to something epic… | click pic to download

Daydream of when I will live on an island and fly helicopters…

Tan, Play, Fly

Then back to reality, must get dressed…

Off to some meetings

Fall in love real quick…


Get ready for Friday…

Come out to peep the new GJ | Click pic for more info

Chat with my fam…


Relax and geek out grape with a mind full of mechanic thoughts…



About GetGrapeJuicy

I get glitter injections straight into my veins.
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One Response to Another day in the life of a robot…

  1. Dookie Green says:

    Would love to see some JUICY GRAPES at a DOOKIE JAM!!! You Sweet vanilla smellin mother%*@%@*!!

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