Gypsy Woman. Nine Lives. It’s Magic [circa 2007]

Gypsy Woman. Nine Lives. It’s Magic.

It’s not as fun when you are the one seduced
And you cannot see how it started, how it all happened
But a fortune teller’s ball could show you
Why your heart started to beat faster and faster, the pace growing rapid
She chose you for a reason, maybe your face intrigued her or your presumptuous thoughts she viewed a challenge
Take a look into the sphere, play by play the stories there, complete with hints leading up to why you are currently here, she calls it classic

It’s quite easy if you recollect, instead of imagine
The beginning something like polished toes cross the street, a figure appears to be floating towards you, hypnosis with lashes batted
Instinct tells you to devise a plan and proceed for immediate capture
Enamored you were the second she turned at you, glaring comfort like a lost friend, found, you are baffled.
Captivated by the flirtatious friendliness she poured over you like warm water from a lake that is placid

Illusions beginning before you can imagine. A carefully synchronized plan is in action.
Coffee, lunch, dinner, maybe dancing.
Phone calls all day for weeks, surprise visits, she has talents
Enslavement and corruption, complimented by her sleek cloak, disguising they hide her inner savage
You feel flight, you are light, warm inside, a fairy tale, unwinding.
A life together would be peace, perfect, all things grand and glamorous
The two of you could take over the world, in no time, you could have it
Magnetized, her mask did, because out of nowhere you want her, no you need her
You can’t have her

What is happening
Suddenly chaos, you are panicked
Her face turned cold, emotionless, she laughs at it
She tells you its your fault, she has to go, she can’t stand it
Stand what, you thought, stand what you think
More chaos and panic
She is picking up and leaving
You had just gotten settled, dried the foundation
she is picking up and lea-
she is gone.
What just happened

Confusion turns to anger, this is not how it is supposed to happen.
You hate her, she had become you, your inner being, then vanished with no rationalization or facts to check
You could kill her, but nine lives she would have, as a cat did
You hate her. You love her. She contradicts everything she said, it was a game, she battled

Look back into the ball now, she told you of her previous schemes and torments
But you are different, you thought, you think, it should have lasted
Regardless, she caught you, now all to do is laugh or let it eat you up, like acid
Reality, reality sets in, step back farther, now you see, it is massive

Traveling collecting souls, hearts to be preserved, minds that will become rattled
Change of names, different city, new temporary address
A short time she visits, playing Jessica Rabbit
Complete with bangles and dark purple curls
A figment, just imagine
Can’t you see her,
Traveling the world
Just a gypsy in a carriage


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