A Mini-Mack Grape Juicy Rant

Alright, so I am not a complainer.  I work a lot, I work well with others, I embrace constructive criticism.  I’m a workaholic, I love what I do and strive to do it to the best of my ability while also making sure that I am consistently learning ways to improve.

There are a few things that are frequently reoccurring on a professional – and personal level for that matter – that I either see, am a part of, or have had said about me 3rd party – that are just ridiculous.  Not only ridiculous and a waste of time, they are not logical.  If you are doing things based on biased assumptions, solely emotional feelings, or just plain hating – then maybe you should start writing love stories, stay on unemployment the rest of your adult life, or possibly start a gossip column where others like you can wallow in their personal misery as well by hating others.

Regardless of if you choose to do those things, getting out of business if you are not a logical thinking person – or at least willing to learn to become more of one – should be your #1 priority right now.  That being said, I am not taking shots at anyone in particular, I am a pretty self aware person about the positive as well as the negative traits I possess – I know that I have as many faults as the next person.

So this is not a high horse riding list, it’s just me wanting to acknowledge some of the things that go on that I feel are ridiculous and have personally run into time and time again.  If you disagree that is totally fine, get your critical thinking on and let me know why you feel that way and hey, maybe I will learn something and change my mind about it.  But in the meantime, here are a few things that are just not logical to the GJ Robot mind…

10 Activities You Might Possibly Want to Re-Think

1: Sipping on Haterade: The things that you don’t know you are doing wrong you cannot change.  If you feel that another person has done something that makes you uncomfortable or that you do not like – you need to approach them about it in a productive manor – not talk to all of your friends about it.

2: Being The Idle Cry Baby: Do not complain about things you have never tried to fix.  Professional, personal, or physical.  Change for the better or worse only happens when you want it to. [Well unless your neighbors have a meth lab, then you might not be able to choose if and when your house burns down.]  For the most part – You have a choice.

3: On your Judge Judy BS: If you do not like someone, you think they are a ‘bitch’ or an ‘asshole,’ but you have never had an actual conversation with them – get over that judgmental bullshit and give yourself a reason to dislike them.  Majority of the time once you start talking with them they might not be as bad as you thought.

[I know countless people that thought I was a cocky bitch when they first met me because I was yelling backstage at a fashion show or trying to get something done in a situation where I needed to be assertive.  Then they get to know me by actually speaking with me and learn that I am not such a wicked witch after all.]

4: Being the Bobble Head: Agreeing just because you feel it is what you should and/or want to do will just make you feel bad and piss everyone off.  Under promise and over deliver. [I struggle with this but it’s so necessary.]

5: Having Yes Mayne Syndrome: Say no and don’t be afraid to stand by your opinions and values.

[You might not like robots as much as I do, and although I think you are cray cray for it, I respect that you did not pretend to like them just because I think I am one.]

6: Being Scared Straight: You don’t have to be blunt – it is not all of our personalities to be so – but you need to be honest about the way you feel and realistic with the people, companies, and groups with whom you are dealing with.

[If you don’t want to be covered in glitter, I am going to be real blunt with you and let you know to stand 5ft the fck back ;]

7: Rolling down Assumption Lane: Fill out contracts in business and discuss feelings and boundaries in relationships. You expressed that you do not want a partner who treats you bad but you get with those who do and then stay with them?  Stop crying about it and calling them out.  You look stupid –  you could have walked away the second that those boundaries you had discussed and put in place were overstepped. Don’t assume you are going to be treated any different than you demand.

8: Hangin’ Out on The Monkey Bars and Playing the Telephone Game: Don’t says things about a person and then act a different way to their face.  It is not middle school and yet no matter how much we hear that, it still happens.  We all talk about people, let’s be real, but if your saying things you would not want them to hear then do yourself a favor and think about it a little more before you start rapping your trap about them.  People talk, and talk to people who talk, and they talk to people who talk to the person whom you were talking bad about.

[Everything you say is public relations.]

9: Living on ME Mountain: Understand that there is more about life than just you.  Self promotion is one thing [C’Mon, I #getgrapejuicy ALL DAY] but narcissism and being a complete sociopath are another. Work with people, embrace people, respect people.

10: Settling on Hate-My-Life Lane: Do what you love, love what you do, and be logical about it.

[That or you’ll end up Sipping on Hateraide with the Idle Cry Baby and Judgmental Judy while the Bobble Head agrees with everything the Yes Mayne is saying.  Place where you will proceed to be Scared Straight rolling down Assumption Lane then Hang Out on the Monkey Bars Playing The Telephone Game and end up lonely living because you Settled Down on Hate-My-Life Lane – Me Mountain, USA.]


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