GJ Shops in LA Today…My 200th POST!

This is my 200th post! Thank you all for checking out my site and getting involved in all of the #robotlove madness that it is.  I have fun with it and hope that you all do is well.  So to continue to update you on the Get Grape Juicy happenings, check out what I did today…

Road trips are, ehrr, fun – but let’s just say that I was very glad to get the hell out of the car.  I’m staying in Eagle Rock with the fam for Thanksgiving.  Weather has been sunny, cold, but the sunshine is all I need.

So finally making it to LA, I grabbed a snack and then decided to go wander down on Vermont St. with Pops, Stepmadre, and my Sister and do some shopping before dinner…


Armenian | Nosh

Sfiha Meat | Zeyton Beorek | Maneishe Zahtar | Spicy Cheese Beorek | Muhammarajune


Vermont Ave | Lovely

First stop was SquaresVille vintage shop.  It is one of my new favorites.  Reasonably priced, great selection, really friendly staff.

Stalk them at: 1800 N. Vermont Ave, LA 90027 | 323.669.8486

Sister rocking GJ Cruela DeVille | Circa 1982

Sequines | Sparkle | Sass

Embellished | Grammy Sweaters | Holla

Pink Berry | Lovely Gown

Vintage Jill Sander Pumps

New Scarf | New Sweater - soooo epic

Had to stop by the magazine stand, I’m like a moth to a light or a junkie looking for my fashion editorial fix.

GJ Crack Den | #magazineaddict


Have to hit the bookstore, I can’t just walk by…

Black Friday Sale | Books Babe

Shine Annie | Supervillainz

Stalk them at: Skylight Books | 1818 N Vermont Ave. LA, CA 90027 | 323.660.1175

Sister | Purple Circle

Headed back to the house for dinner and dranks…

Love | LA Doorways

Days Done | Read Up


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