Chalk Art | Make Up 101 | Jeweled Claws | Thai Massage

Morning after Thanksgiving and the ladies are doing art and getting pretty. Waking up to sunshine in November is epic city for sure.  Started off with chalk, you know, naturally…

Chalk It Out, now chalk it out....

Got ready w/ my lil’ cousin Lily in the backyard…

Mini Mack AA in Training

Headed over to the nail shop to get acrylic nails done for the 1st time in SEVEN years.  I put press on’s on for Halloween with LMC for the White Girl Wasted costume [below.]

White Girls Wasted

But these are the 1st [Real Deal Holyfield] ones in a grip. Pastels and gems. Hollur…

GJ Claws - Jewels n' All

Then went to my deep tissue Thai Massage.  It was aaaamaaaazing. I know this is a ‘happy ending’ type video but here is an example of what I had done.  These messages are no joke.  An hour and 45min later and I feel like a trillion bucks!

The video above is an example of what I had done today [minus] the ‘happy ending.’

I went to Pet [she is AMAZING] at Ancient Thai Massage

1551 Colorado Blvd. #103 | Eaglerock, CA 90041 | 323.333.8356

Then back to the house for pizza…My back feels like jelly…I’m ready to rock.


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I get glitter injections straight into my veins.
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