AA Adventures in LA…

So had to take a Melrose day, of course.  It was a good day my friend.  A very good day…

2 of my favorite spots were vintage stores no doubt.  Oddly, they are both called American Vintage [different companies.]  I am really confused by that but anyhow, here’s some flicks…

American Vintage [#1] 7575 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90046 | 323.944.0640  www.americanvintage.us

I ❤ me a good sidewalk sale

Fur -or faux- I love you. Wigs, I love you too.
Mafioso Shades? I do

American Vintage [#2] | 7377 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA, 90046 | 323.852.0969

They had 100’s of bangin’ cowboy boots
What Up Though
I really wanted this. It wouldnt button over my chest :p
Oh jeah, oh jjjeeaahhh

Next stop I found some epic rings at Glow. 7415 Melrose Ave | 323.653.3661

The place overall was meh, but their four-bar rings were killer.

After that it was time for some grub so we stopped at Johnny Rockets.

I love a good ol’ hamburger & fries
Sister looking real serious about her biz

Across the street I stumbled upon this GEM of a store having a sidewalk sale.  Everything was $5.  I got some dope ish there mos def…

Slow | 7474 Melrose | 323.655.3725 | www.slow7474.com

Place is ill & has mad reasonable prices

Sidewalk Sale

A wall of bags? I need on for my casa, STAT
$5 Hollur

Then stepped into this place that I will refer to as the jewel box because I can’t remember what it was called but I’m pretty sure I suffered a mild stroke as I walked in.  It was SPPPAAARRRKLE. I asked them if I could move in, they weren’t havin’ it.

A table of spaaarkle rings? Gimme Gimme
Uhm, Hallelujah Holla Back

Headed back to the family house.

Mmm, Palm Trees x Sunsets

My final favorite purchase of the day…Ahhh how I love thee…

Yes, that ring just happened.

Well LA, today was a good day.


Treasure Trunkin'


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