I Shall Stay Here…


Reality is Not For Me..




About GetGrapeJuicy

I get glitter injections straight into my veins. www.twitter.com/annieangell
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One Response to I Shall Stay Here…

  1. J.Calderon says:

    “Angels on my shoulders, head in the clouds
    No, I’m not rappin’, I’m just thinkin’ real loud
    My karma’s my armor, my charm and wit
    Is like a lethal bomb, I’m warm and shit
    And I did bad for good but when you’re trapped in the hood
    You do worse for less, homie earth’s a test
    Only God can judge me
    My heart ain’t ugly
    But the toughts that I drop is heavy
    Try budge me
    Deceptively smart
    I make hustlin’ heaven and pimpin’ an art”

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