My Trip to Arizona

Pool time at Chareef's House

Sarah Being the Sun Goddess that She is

#GetGrapeJuicy WET

Getting ready for Scottsdale..

The Bartenders knew What was Really Good 😉

The food was fantastic - crab cakes - mmm

I made a new friend - She had mad style

My sister and I acting stupid once we got back to the house

Ridin' Dirty

The Chilli Cookoff

Doing Yardwork at Grammy's

The school in CK only has 2 kids! This is us in the library

The Ah-Some A my Grandpa Gene made

Cuzzo being hung over

Sister and I back on the 'road' aka in the Quad - lmao

You ever played with pinecones? Haaaa


About GetGrapeJuicy

I get glitter injections straight into my veins.
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One Response to My Trip to Arizona

  1. Dana Mohr says:

    Heard you had a great time – nice pictures!

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