Hot Mama’s – Featuring Amy Snyder

AMY: I let out a loud “fuck” and sigh.  I was never a “kid person.”  My life revolved around dancing five nights a week, drinking, popping pills to cope with the physical and emotional ride of dancing and sleeping in till two or three in the afternoon.  Don’t get me wrong; I loved that phase of my life.  I changed because I wanted to change.

AMY: Being the self sufficient machine that my mother raised me to be, I was eager to return to the working world as soon as possible, but I knew I just wasn’t comfortable dancing naked for strangers any more. I looked fantastic; I just couldn’t rationalize rolling around on a dirty floor while people made comments about my body for money.

Thankfully my boss’ at Sassy’s were kind enough to create a shift for me on Friday mornings to ease me into the cocktailing job.  I eventually ended up working three shifts a week, with the help of friends watching Levi or trading his dad for time to work.  Cocktailing turned into bartending.  More work was offered to me, and opportunities at other bars unveiled themselves.  Last year I was working five shifts a week…and my regular go-go gig at Sinferno on Sundays and an infant.



AMY: Two weeks after he was born, I was back to wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans.  I was able to return to go-go dancing at Dante’s Sinferno a mere month post partum.  I have no secret, I was just very in shape before I got pregnant, and luckily I have good genetics that enabled me to get through stretching over a 9lb baby without any stretch marks. Miracle? Perhaps.



AMY: Levi is an easy, happy child. Hands down. Our days are filled with: trips to the Children’s Museum, the zoo, soccer practice, painting ceramics, puzzles, cooking, coloring and visiting OMSI.  Levi is an established BMX rider (like his dad) and can be googled, so we do lots of bike rides.  When he is content, and worn down a bit, this gives me time to be creative and take to my sewing.  The balance of working a very “adult” job and having a very “kid friendly” life is what makes everything work for me.  I was never going to be a stay at home mom.

My current schedule has mellowed out to four bar shifts a week, mostly nights, where Levi stays with his dad.  I am one of the few lucky women who have a supportive, equally involved father to help out.  Although we aren’t involved with each other, we take co-parenting very seriously.  Levi’s happiness is a sure sign that we are some how making it work.  Working at night enables me to be a part of the social life I had prior to a baby.  I can work fewer hours, and make excellent money, without taking my clothes off.  It does, however, make the days hard with an energy-fueled toddler.   Many days, I’m running on four or five hours of sleep.

AMY: I pride myself in working hard to provide for my family.  I went from being a full time stripper with tons of money, lots of debt, no goals and damaging my body with pills and alcohol to being a working mom who has paid off two credit cards in the last year, started a savings account and Roth IRA for myself AND my son, and even set goals including owning a bar for myself.

My life wasn’t “wrong” before I had my son.  It was just different, and on a less effective path to where I wanted to be. Now, Levi’s needs come first.  Being a toddler means there are a lot of those.  I strive to make sure he does something creative, physical, fun, and educational every day I have him.

I have an amazing boyfriend who loves both of us, and accompanies us on our adventures. I have ONE night a week that I go out, this is called “date night” and we look forward to it every week. I love my job(s) and work hard, taking on extra shifts when I can. I have amazing, supportive and helpful friends and family. I make time for my sewing and myself.  That’s how I “do it”.



Friday bartending at Devils Point 10pm-close

Saturday bartending at Sassy’s 10:30am – 7pm

Sunday go-go dancing for Sinferno at Dante’s 11pm – close

Tuesday bartending at Lucky Devil 7pm – close


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  1. I absolutely love this. I work around you but don’t know you that well, and didn’t realize or appreciate enough what an amazing woman you are. I really dig the idea for the website! Tes

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