Glitter Mafia Photoshoot

For the past 3 years I have been wanting to do a shoot with a bunch of women in glamourous dresses, excessive amounts of jewelry, and masks – sitting at a table  – consuming glitter, jewels, etc.  This year I was finally able to get the shoot done!

I have been collecting the props and wardrobe for a long time now.  I was gifted a bunch of amazing vintage sorority & prom dresses, fell into the perfect location, and got a group of talented people in one place on the same day.

Behind the Scenes:

Ngan doing my hair

One of the dressing areas

Racks on racks

Auzriel playing dress up


Prop styling

Philmore making magic happen

Feasting on jewels

LMC being the Wicked Witch of the West

Ashalynn rocking a GJ headpiece


A few of the final shots.  More will be released at a later time…

Group Shot





Final Photos: Philmore Ulinwa | Behind the scenes Photos: @IgnorantBookie

Models: LMC | Ngan Savage | Auzriel | Ashalynn MarieShy Dotson | Airial Jefferson

Location: Auzriel’s NW Home | Wardrobe/Art Direction/Prop Styling: GrapeJuicy

Hair/Make-Up: Models own


About GetGrapeJuicy

I get glitter injections straight into my veins.
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